The Person I Like

| December 17, 2010 | 8 Comments

Drew finally found a girl he likes. Is she the one? Thanks for watching guys, and check out how we made this video at: Tags: A person that i like funny humor boobies comedy skits who I like the girl date how to get a girl you like love hate wig Christine behindcoldcomedy stonecoldcomedy wig happy how to get a girl to like you funny humorous boat funny get a guy to like you how to get a girl to think you are funny happy funny music



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Category: Cheesy Pick Up Lines

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  1. bill8251 says:

    LMAO great job

  2. SmileyDuDexD says:

    best funny video ever. keep it up you guys : )

  3. CaptenAwsomeXD says:

    Wonderful, just wonderful.
    But blast that home-wrecker Martha! x)

  4. MyBloodyQuarantine says:

    im not exactly sure what to say…

  5. icehawk1011 says:

    lol wtf drew

  6. TreeHugger123457 says:

    haha reminds me of something outta criminal minds. lmao, i loved it! haha. and love hollister too!

  7. stonecoldcomedy says:

    @Gingie227 haha thanks we try!

  8. Gingie227 says:

    Well that was a bit weird…. but nice work anyway guys!

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