Romantic Pick Up Lines For Attracting Someone Special

| January 19, 2012

romantic pick up lines

Using romantic pick up lines to impress potential love interests is a time-honored tradition that probably goes back in history as far as humanity does. Pick up lines can be very effective in the right situations, but all too often they are used inappropriately or without the necessary confidence. Other times, pick up lines are used in situations which do not warrant their use. For instance, you never want to use a pick up line in the workplace, no matter how romantic you think it is.

This can get you into hot water and it will probably fail to impress the person you are attempting to woo. This is not to say that pick up lines cannot be used properly, though. If you use the right romantic pick up lines in the proper context, they can get you noticed and they can be an excellent way to break the ice with someone you want to get to know a little better. The key in using pick up lines is not the lines themselves, but how they are used. If you act confidently and display a sense of humor, there is a greater possibility of the lines working. If you are meek when you approach someone, even the best lines will not work. You should always have an arsenal of pick up lines ready to go, but more important is making sure you exude a feeling of confidence.

If you have the confidence but you are lacking in lines, here are some of the best romantic pickup lines for you to use the next time you wish to approach that potential special someone.

Romantic Pick Up Lines

Romantic Pick Up Line #1

“If I could change the order of the alphabet, I would put U and I together.”

This one is cute and inoffensive, but it must be delivered with just the right ratio of slyness to silliness.

Romantic Pick Up Line #2

“My name is Chance. Can you tell me if I have one?”

This one involves explaining your real name later, but it might be the best pick up line in the world for guys named Chance.

Romantic Pick Up Line #3

“If loveliness was a drop of moisture, you would be the ocean.”

For this one, you can substitute a number of appropriate words for loveliness. It might be somewhat cheesy, but it will make a strong impression.

Romantic Pick Up Line #4

“You must be a broom, since you just swept me off my feet.”

This one is quite witty and especially effective if the person to whom you say it does not mind being compared to a broom.

Romantic Pick Up Line #5

“I hate to bother you, but if I did not approach you, I would regret it for weeks.”

This one is not particularly witty, but it is quite direct, which is appreciated in today’s dating world.

There are numerous other romantic pick up lines which can be used successfully. The ones listed here are some of the best, but not overused lines. This is important if you plan to approach someone who has likely heard them all. All of these lines can be modified to fit a situation or your personality and you should definitely try them at home before pulling them out in public. Remember that the key to good pick up lines is confidence. If you are confident in using these romantic pick up lines, it should not matter what you say as long as it is done with taste and poise.



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