Great Pick Up Lines For Men To Attract Women

| April 17, 2012

As a start, let me ask you these 4 pressing questions that men tend to overlook…

  • Are you an average guy?
  • Frustrated with how difficult it is to attract hot girls?
  • Sick and tired of seeing all the decent chicks go with losers?
  • Do you end up in the “friend zone”?

A lot of guys are exactly the same and to be brutally honest it used to really piss me off. I decided to do A hypnosis to trick hit chicks into bed and there was no way I was going down that road! BUT I knew there must be something out there to to simplify the approach on how to attract women.

After quite a bit of research I have learnt how to modify that certain behavior to have much more success with women.

Some great tips that I learnt, are easily to apply and you can use them today to improve your ability to make girls like you….

Tips To Attract Women

When you’re talking to a chick, NEVER lean in…Why?  Because it make you look needy and insecure.

Maintain eye contact….Women are attracted to confident men, If you look a woman in the eye, she will take this to mean you are confident around her and therefore more attractive.

Use physical contact to stay out of the friend zone….By touching the girl you are interested in (I’m talking about high-fives, hugs, dancing close to her etc) she will understand that you are sexually interested in her and this will ensure she sees you are a possible lover rather than a friend.

Be cocky instead of using compliments to kiss her ass! A hot girl will get hit on all day long by guys kissing her ass and complimenting her….BE DIFFERENT! Use cheeky humor to stand out, make her smile and see you as a cool fun guy to be with.

Those five tips alone will be enough to make a difference in your success at getting hot girls to like you.




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