Funny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines To Open A Conversation With Girls

| April 13, 2012

As in any human collaboration, actions speak louder than words, so the loudness, clarity, tonality, and the body language you utilize when approaching a girl is massively more important than the actual pick up line.

How to Deliver Funny Pick Up Lines?

1. Keep Eye Contact at ALL TIMES.

NEVER look down.

NEVER look away.

Force yourself to preserve eye contact, even if you are trying to think of something to say.

Gaze her down, girls love the feeling of a man who can hold eye contact with them.


Speak up! It doesn’t matter if you have the best pick up lines for girls if they can’t hear you. You need to speak louder than you think you necessary!

Continuously err on the side of being too loud, as opposed to just right.

You need to cut through the flamboyant music, or whatever the stimulus that would pull her attention away from you.

Your own energy has to be more stimulating than the energy of the environment, so you have to SPEAK UP and COMMAND ATTENTION!

Funny Pick Up Lines

1.  Hey girl, I’d like to be a part of your next abortion.

2.  I wanna put a baby in your tummy.

3.  I was conceived to this song.  This song playing right now, I was conceived to this song.

4.  Orange peels.

5. (The stare of doom)  -literally, you just stare at them

6.  Who lies more, Beyonce or Justin Bieber?





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